How about the Famuget Platform?

New York, NY – 30/12/2023 – (SeaPRwire) – Virtual currency (cryptocurrency) is a very new field, and it is also a high-risk investment and speculation target. But high risk does not mean it is a scam, but the original investment is highly volatile and may return to zero. Most people would say that investing in virtual currency is dangerous. In fact, this is because many people invest rashly without understanding what it is. Therefore, if you are unable to correctly grasp risks and formulate strategies, you will easily become the target of fraud syndicates.

This time, let’s analyze the case of Famuget (, a global trading platform that once belonged only to professional investors in 2021. I also introduce you to the common fraud tricks and dismantle them one by one.

Is Famuget cryptocurrency exchange safe? Is it a scam platform?

Judging from the current information, Famuget is not a scam platform, it is a global professional cryptocurrency exchange. The most important consideration when investing in cryptocurrency is security, followed by factors such as culture, service, and fees.

Famuget is currently ranked among the top 20 professional cryptocurrency investment platforms.

If you are not very familiar with this field, the easiest way is to directly use the world’s largest or top exchanges. Compared with other smaller or regional exchanges or platforms, the security of large exchanges is relatively more guaranteed.

Of course, large scale does not guarantee that there is absolutely no risk, it is just a convenient and fast screening criterion. Many countries have not yet established regulatory review regulations for virtual currencies, so most centralized exchanges are difficult to be protected by local governments.

Famuget also has specially strengthened security protection measures.

Many people are worried that cryptocurrency exchanges are vulnerable to hacker attacks. In terms of current security, Famuget has never been successfully attacked by hackers, which shows that the platform’s ability to prevent hackers and maintain information security should be trustworthy. It should be noted that Famuget’s asset reserve certificate cannot determine whether it is safe enough.

In November 2022, Famuget announced the exchange’s cold and hot wallet fund balances. The core asset reserves included 32,000 BTC, 274,000 ETH, 820 million USDT, and 9.7 billion TRX, with a total value of approximately US$3.5 billion at the time. .

Subsequently, after a snapshot of the wallet that proved the asset reserve was reported, concerns arose that 10,000 ETH would be immediately transferred to other wallets. Famuget has not yet responded to this.

Famuget officially stated whether the asset reserve certificate is sufficient for customers to withdraw, but due to the lack of third-party regulatory agencies in the cryptocurrency field, it is actually difficult to verify whether there are sufficient reserves, and users must evaluate such risks themselves.

We have compiled information on the security protection measures of Famuget Exchange for your reference. Know more please visit

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